Letter from the Chairman

Dear Business Community:

LABI’s north Louisiana Political Action Committee, NORTHPAC, was established in 1989 to encourage the business community and others to understand our state government, complex political issues, and the real records of politicians and candidates seeking office. Every year NORTHPAC works hard to find the right incumbents to support and the candidates who will support a pro-business agenda.

We need your help! While we enjoyed significant victories in the 2014 session, it is time to replenish our war chest to prepare for the next battle — 2015 Elections. Your contribution to NORTHPAC will make a difference!

To stay ahead of union and trial lawyers’ anti-business interests, we must replenish our war chest now. These folks are gearing up for this upcoming election cycle and they’re setting their sites on supporting individuals that will vote AGAINST the business community. We can’t let happen.

Please consider joining NORTHPAC and help support pro-business individuals that think like you do.

Thank you,

Terry Baugh